Forum on Future Cities

in Partnership with
in Collaboration with

and The World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council
on the Future of Cities

April 22, 2016

Samberg Conference Center, E52

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA USA


Forum on
Future Cities

Cities are undergoing a profound transformation: the convergence of digital information(bits) and physical environment(bricks).

As virtual systems become spatialized—entering our world through the Internet of Things—no industry remains unaffected. From utilities to transportation, construction to environmental resilience, the 21st century condition presents new challenges… As well as new opportunities.

The MIT Senseable City Lab presents the 2016 Forum on Future Cities—Bits and Bricks.

Here, we convene major stakeholders in the development of cities: leaders of industry, research, metropolitan governance and citizens at large.

We invite you to join us for a day on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to glimpse—and ultimately create—our common urban future.


More announcements coming soon.


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