Real Time Copenhagen is a 3 year research project by the MIT SENSEable City Lab’s in collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen. Within this framework, CopenCycle is a short-term project in the context of a workshop which explores the use of real time technologies to map the flow of people and resources in Copenhagen to better understand urban dynamics in real time. By revealing the pulse of the city, the project aims to show how technology can help individuals and the planning institutions to make more informed decisions about their environment with a special emphasis on the use of public spaces. In the long run, the project seeks to integrate the technologies for more detailed studies of e.g. bicycle movements, services and routes in relation to sustainable urban transportations.

Carlo Ratti, Assaf Biderman, Yaniv Ophir (Junno), Bo Stjerne Thomsen

Christine Outram, Ben Waber, Lena Vassilev, Brian Yang, Sangwook Park

Research Advisors
William Mitchell, Dennis Frenchman

Copenhagen Municipality
Nikolaj Lxfquist, Simon Kjfr Hansen, Claus Juhl