Reveal the hidden dynamics of your city

An Interactive Data Visualisation Installation

What would you see if the city of Singapore, came to life before your eyes?
With every photograph, Twitter post, bus tap-in and credit card swipe, the people of Singapore leave digital traces and together those become big data about our city, by our city.

On Display

Science Centre

15 Science Centre Rd,
Singapore 609081
+65 6425 2500
Singapore Science Center Singapore Science Festival 2014

DataDrives brings all of that information to your fingertips, allowing you to render data in a beautiful way with an intuitive, accessible and interactive touch table tool. Almost like a giant iPad, this specially-designed interface allows you to explore the exciting stories hidden within ‘urban’ big data.

Join us in exploring Singapore's patterns and its information, illuminating many dimensions of the city with our urban data visualisation console!

Past Events

National Museum of Singapore

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