Senseable City Lab

driving DNA

What can we learn about the driver and the environment by analyzing the large amounts of real-time data generated by a car?

Nowadays, cars record several thousands of signals using controller area network (CAN) bus technology and provide real-time information on the car, the driver, and its surrounding environment.

We use these data to characterize a driver's behavior through a Driving DNA score. 53 drivers performed more than 2,000 trips in a wide scenario of road types and open traffic conditions.

Driving DNA scores

Driving DNA scores for 53 drivers

At a larger scale, the car’s sensors can be used to collect precise urban data. For example, the temperature sensors and the wiper activity can inform weather conditions at a finer data granularity than the traditional fixed weather stations.

Using the car’s accelerometer and brake sensors, we can estimate road quality. This information is not only useful for real-time alerts, but also to systematically identify dangerous portions of the road network.