Old electronic equipment that was programmed by MIT researchers to report back information about their environment for a project at MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art in New York, has found an unexpected second life.

As part of their research, the MIT team developed two different types of self-reporting technologies to follow obsolete electronics as they travelled across the world for recycle or reuse. Following the deployment of the machines during the summer, one was left over and was being stored at the Senseable City Lab.

In November 2011, MIT was burgled and a number of items were stolen, including the machine that records images. But what would it reveal? Watch and find out.

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Press Release:
PDF DOCX - Jan 11, 2012

  • SENSEable City Lab:
  • Dietmar Offenhuber
  • David Lee
  • E Roon Kang Video
  • Assaf Biderman Assoc. Director
  • Carlo Ratti Director

  • Lush Logic, Secundari Music
  • Scott Rudd MoMA Photo

  • Special Thanks:
  • MIT Police
  • github.com/prey

  • Backtalk Team:
  • Jennifer Dunnam deployment
  • Paolo Patelli visualization
  • Aaron Siegel visualization
  • Francesco Pilla tracking
  • Douglas Albert technical consultant

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