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As cities are getting 'smarter', a plethora of digital devices are being embedded within their urban fabric and form. Yet, as new electronic devices replace older versions, what happens to this digital refuse at the end of its life? Does it get reused, recycled or simply added to a global e-waste dump? What if these obsolete devices kept talking back to us after we disposed of them? BackTalk explores the story of global e-waste and prompts a reflection of our society's relationship with electronic devices. BackTalk was recently included within MoMA's Talk to Me exhibit.

For further information see BackTalk


The Senseable City Guides are now all available online: Bolzano, Copenhagen, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. Including the latest additions Copenhagen 2 and Thessaloniki.
Article published in Scientific America, entitled The Social Nexus by Carlo Ratti and Anthony Townsend (available in Italian and Spanish). It explores the best way to harness a city’s potential for creativity and innovation.
A new project with Proméxico has been launched with a workshop at MIT. Work has begun on digitial creative city design in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Leading on from Trash|Track, work has begun on a participatory mapping study, Forage Tracking in São Paulo. It will look at a low-tech platform for organizing a mobile fleet of waste pickers in real-time using cell phones.
Chapter on pervasive urban monitoring, entitled Live Urbanism, published in Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture Impacts on Health.
Workshop held at the Strelka Institute, Moscow in preparation for Digital City Design Workshop to be held in the spring. SENSEable City Moscow: A New Way to Understand Cities included a series of talks and workshops on design, urban cybernetics and 3D scanning.






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