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Through advances in communication technology, people across the USA (and the world) are more connected with each other than ever before. The ubiquitous nature of mobile phones allows relationships whether they are friends, family or business ties to be maintained with ease. In collaboration with AT&T Labs and IBM Research, the Connected States of America explores these human social interaction based on anonymized mobile phone data and relates the emerging communities to the political USA boundaries.

For further information see, the Connected States of America

Calculate your carbon footprint automatically and in real time as you move.Check out our CO2GO eco-calculator, which has now an accuracy of over 50%.
Papers at SocialCom: 1) Out of Sight Out of Mind - How our mobile social network changes during migration 2) The Connected States of America: Quantifying Social Radii of Influence.

Work has begun on a new project with BBVA, analyzing data on credit card transactions in Spain to research geographic character of consumer behavior in urban environments.

Work has begun in partnership with Audi on the Road Frustration Index which aims to quantify factors that lead to driver frustration such as weather, traffic incidents and sentiment.
Paper on Origin-Destination matrices from cellphone location data published in the latest issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing.
Currently analyzing mobility in the USA and extreme commuting, together with AT&T Labs Research
  • TrashTrack featured at Trans Trash exhibition at MIT on October 1st
  • Check out Backtalk at Talk to Me exhibit, MoMA New York before it closes on November 7th
  • The Copenhagen Wheel after winning many prizes (including Winner of the US Division of the James Dyson Award 2010, Overall winner of the Bike Expo Brand New Awards 2010, Silver Medal at the Edison Awards 2010) is now an integral part of the Weeds TV series.
  • 27-28 October, Beijing: Carlo Ratti provided keynote at the EU- China High Level Cultural Forum at the Forbidden City.
  • 26 October, Taipei: Carlo Ratti delivered a keynote at the 2011 IDA Congress
  • 23 October, Changwong Korea: Keynote at the World Congress on Mobility
  • Our exhibition at the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven opened on October 22nd
  • 20th October, Seattle: Carlo Ratti spoke at the Teague Academy
  • 18th October, Stockholm: Future Cities: Creating Tomorrows Urban World Conference, organized by the Economist.
  • 13th October, Vienna: Carlo delivered a keynote speech at the Austrian Innovation Forum
  • 13th October, Paris: Carlo Ratti presented at The Paris Digital Forum
  • Assaf Biderman and Carlo Ratti, interviewed at TED 2011, discuss Trash Track on CNN
  • Senseable City Lab is cited by Charles Landry as a model in his article for the Canberra Times.
  • Carlo Ratti's presentation at the Audi Future Summit mentioned in many publications worldwide such as le region and style park.
  • OP-ED in the NY times on the Connected States of America, continues to foster debate.
  • Senseable City Lab is currently working towards the 'Senseable City' program as part of the BMW Guggenheim Pavilion in Berlin
  • Senseable City Lab to run a workshop at the Strelka Institute in Moscow with Rem Koolhaas this year beginning on 21-25 November with Assaf biderman, Dennis Frenchman, Adam Pruden, Carlo Ratti.
  • Carlo Ratti to give a keynote at the Smart Cities Expo in Barcelona
  • Re-cycle opens November 30th at MAXXI Architettura in Rome

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