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Project in the Spotlight

This year's Digital City Design Workshop has recently undertaken site visits to the cities of Madrid, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Led by Dennis Frenchman, Assaf Biderman and Carlo Ratti, this course presents MIT students with an opportunity to pose technological and design solutions tailored to the often unique issues faced by different cities worldwide.

In Moscow students are looking at how technology can be employed to improve the experience of tourists to Moscow and how urban security may be improved through green environmental design. The city of Rio de Janeiro is focused on mobility in transition zones namely areas between formal and informal settlements. Finally in Madrid the Senseable City Lab is exploring new approaches to urban infrastructure that will fundamentally alter the way we interact with urban services.

Final presentations of solutions developed during the course will take place in mid May, with the Senseable City Guides to Moscow, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro published in June.

Partners include Ferrovial Servicios, the State of Rio de Janeiro, the World Bank and the Strelka Insitute.


New project soon to be launched Smart Parq examines how municipalities can leverage mobile and satellite technology to empower users to search, identify, and pay for parking without additional investment into infrastructure.

Article published in IBM Journal of Research and Development on Trash Track, entitled Investigation of the waste-removal chain through pervasive computing. Upcoming article to be published in the Journal of the American Planning Association entitled Putting matter in place: Measuring tradeoffs in waste disposal and recycling.
How could the emerging communities that were identified in the Connected States of America examination of human social interaction influence the GOP primaries? Nate Silver's Political Calculus reveals all in For Romney and Santorum, a Battle of Chicago Versus Illinois

Using a network orientated approach, the Senseable City Lab alongside BBVA has embarked on an examination of expenditure patterns and urban dynamics at large, using an unprecedented dataset of financial transactions. More information on Spring Spree is available here.

The Senseable City Lab discusses Top-down/ Bottom-up urbanism, and how cities can be inspired and directly shaped by their inhabitants in, Collaborative Approach to Architecture, authored by Nashid Nabian and Carlo Ratti.

Following the success at the Future of Urban Mobility symposium in Singapore, the visualizations that were displayed will be unveiled shortly here. The work focuses on visual analytics of urban mobility specifically utilizing new data from Singapore's Land Transport Authority.
  • 3rd April, Carlo Ratti to talk at Il Conagesp, Congresso Nacional de Gestao Publica, Brasilia.
  • 9th April, Assaf Biderman to deliver a talk to Harvard Graduate School of Design.
  • 13th April, Carlo to participate in panel discussion on Architecture and Urban Design, at La Citta Visible, Turin.
  • 16th April, Carlo Ratti to give a lecture in Prato, Tuscany.
  • 18th April, Meet the Media Guru in Milan, Itlay.
  • 19th April, Carlo to present on the future of the kitchen at the Milan Triennale alongside Merloni-Indesit during Milan Design Week.
  • 20th April, Smart Cities conference organized by Mike Batty, at UCL, London.
  • 21st April, Assaf Biderman to present at 21 OP CITY symposium, toronto.
  • 26th April, Carlo to participate in the closing discussion of the Royal College of Art Future Frontiers lecture series, alongside Sir Peter Cook, London.
  • 6th March, Prudence Robinson presented at the World Bank's Smart Cities for All conference, Washington DC
  • 21st March, Carlo Ratti presented at Ecobuild, London.
  • 22nd March, Carlo Ratti presented at the Economist's conference, Technology Frontiers, London.
  • 25th March, Senseable City Lab joined Rem Koolhaas for the mid term reviews at the Strelka Institute.
  • 26th March, Dietmar Offenhuber provided a talk on Tacit Arrangements in the Power of Pattern series at the Design Exchange, Toronto
  • 28th March, Dietmar Offenhuber presented City data visualization and its implications at the Paseo Project organized by Ars Electronica, Zaragoza
  • 29th March, Carlo Ratti gave a lecture at the Politecnico di Milano.
  • 29th March, Assaf Biderman presented at 2012 MIT Brazil Challenge of Innovation Conference in Florianopolis, Brazil.
  • 30th March, Carlo Ratti spoke at the Economist's Future Cities event, Moscow.
  • Carlo Ratti joined Nader Tehrani, Head of MIT's Department of Architecture in Moscow to discuss the design of a new city for 1M people near Moscow.


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