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How is the world responding to the London 2012 Olympics? The Senseable City Lab's Emoto in London project, is using twitter data to capture the sentiment of nations, and individuals. The emotional response will be revealed in an app for your mobile, available here, as well as in a real-time installation in Trafalgar Square for the duration of the Olympics and ParaOlympics. Alongside GE the Lab proposes the systems and technologies of the city of tomorrow in the Olympic Village of the Future.


New research exploring taxi activity at scale that is both fine-grained and extensive. By tracing taxi cab movements across the 5 boroughs of New York, this project seeks to identify where and how a Dispatch Algorithm may be used to increase the efficiency of taxi travel –improving mobility and accessibility in the city.

New book entitled Inscribing a Square, co-edited by Dietmar Offenhuber and with contributions from other Lab members has been published. Exploring the sensory, structural and cultural aspects of new urban systems literacy – it re-examines what constitutes public space in the real-time city. Further information available here.

The Senseable City Lab's participated in the BMW Guggenheim Lab, Berlin leading various workshops and providing talks, and seminars. The Dynamic Public Spaces Workshop was named one of three highlights of the Berlin program, and experimented with changing urban spaces.

New project, Parqupine, is launching a pilot test in Cambridge, Massachusetts in mid September. Parqupine is a fully-integrated parking management system that leverages crowd-sourced data collection and enforcement to achieve a fully infrastructureless and largely self-enforced city-wide parking system. More details to follow shortly.

Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing is to be published on August 22nd in English. Written by Lab member, Benedikt Gross et al. it was named one of the best selling design books in 2010 when it was published in German.

Following Felipé Calderon's announcement of the Ciudad Creativa Digital, a project that includes Prof. Dennis Frenchman and Carlo Ratti, the proposal was last week presented to the City of Guadalajara for public discussion. The event was covered by Informador, and El Economista amongst others.
  • 30th July, Carlo Ratti delivering a talk at GE's customer center on the Future Olympics, with the Monocle and GE, London.
  • 26th August, Carlo Ratti to discuss Future Developments of the City, alongside Professor Dennis Frenchman, Medellin.
  • 27-30th August, Workshop for Ciudad Creativa Digital to discuss the next phase of the project, Guadalajara.
  • 2nd September, Carlo Ratti to deliver keynote address at the Earth's Summit, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • 8th September, the Lab is presenting at the Thailand Creative & Design Center on Design is Innovation, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 7-9th September, Carlo Ratti presenting at the Ambrosetti Forum on Smart Mobility, Como Villa d'Este, Italy.
  • 12th September, Carlo joins the discussion on Technology's Role in Competitvness, Jobs and the Urban Future at Techonomy, Detroit.
  • 24-25th September, the Lab will be participating in Arq.Futuro conference on architecture, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
  • 25th September, Carlo Ratti delivering presentation at the Circolo del Whilst, Turin, Italy.
  • 26th September, Carlo Ratti giving the keynote address at Social Media Week, Turin, Italy.
  • Carlo Ratti announces the planned launch of a new real-time data browser in Singapore later this year. Further details in an interview with Today's Neo Chai Chin.
  • Ideas for a Smarter Singapore in the Singapore's leading newspaper Straits Times.
  • La Vanguardia covers discussions between the Mayor of Santander Iñigo de la Serna, Ferrovial's Cities Director, Enrique Sanchez and Carlo Ratti.

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