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Project in the Spotlight

Join us in Singapore in mid-January to explore our next urban demonstration of the LIVE Singapore!, the Data Browser. The Data Browser will allow visitors to view the real-time conditions of Singapore, to learn about where the data comes from and how it is generated, and to create visualizations of their own from a variety of real-time datasets. Think of it as a kind of as an interactive GIS 2.0 where people can crowdsourcing explorations of their city.


Thank you to all those who attended, and participated in, Urban Code, an international forum of leading thinkers from policy, industry, and academia to discuss big urban data. Your participation made the event a great success. Videos and an archive of the event are coming soon.

The internet of things has the opportunity to impact many facets of our daily lives, but can it impact something as common as the food we eat? Our collaboration with the Expo 2015 will investigate the story of the meals we enjoy everyday using technology to reveal the "internet of food" at the Future Food District.

We thank Ericsson, and Audi and Volkswagen of America who have expanded their collaborations with the Lab by supporting new fellows.

Current air quality measuring stations often provide highly variable measurements. Research on CrowdSense is obtaining urban air quality measurements at high spatio-temporal definition by using citizens as moving air quality probes through the city.

How can one actively engage the history of a place? The on-going collaboration with Thessaloniki is investigating novel ways one can learn about this historic city, considering the milieu of climate, history and place. The Thessaloniki Umbrella is one such proposed solution.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, and the newest member of the Senseable City Lab Consortium. Welcome!
  • The Financial Times profiles Carlo Ratti who joins the jury of the FT/Citi Urban Ingenuity Awards.
  • Joseph Coughlin reflects on Urban Code and the impact of big urban data for policy and people at the Huffington Post.
  • To follow up on Joseph Coughlin's article, Public CIO questions the "5 Big Questions Raised by Big Data" that came from Urban Code.
  • Wired UK featured the friendly, front seat, in-car robot, AIDA.
  • Trash Track is highlighted by the USA Today as a projects that reflect how big data is becoming a "planetary nervous system".
  • Carlo Ratti was interviewed on Italian television, Costume e Societa, about the future of Smart Cities.
  • Visiting student Toti di Dio was also on Italian television, TG3 Leonardo, about his involvement with the Lab.
  • DataVis, Information as Art, an exhibit in which the Lab is a part is on-going at the Beall Center for Art + Technology at UC Irvine until mid-January.
  • This is also the last month to see Collective Wisdom at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung. Several Lab projects are on display.
  • 11 November, The Sensing Places: Mediatizing the Urban Landscape exhibit at the House of Electronic Arts, of which we were a part, closed.
  • 11-13th November, Carlo Ratti joined the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for Infrastructure and Urban Development, Dubai, UAE.
  • Researcher Kyuha Shim received a 2012 Adobe Design Achievement Award.
  • 14th November, Senseable City Lab presented at the Smart City Expo World Congress on "Trends in the IoT and M2M", Barcelona, Spain.
  • 15-16th November, the Lab hosted its annual conference- Urban Code at MIT, Cambridge, MA.
  • 20th November, Carlo Ratti presented the Ciudad Creativa Digital master plan in Mexico.
  • 21st November, the Lab presented at Telefonica's Movil Forum, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 23rd November, Carlo Ratti presented at MAXXI Rome, Italy.
  • 28th November, Carlo Ratti presented at the PRCC Summit on "The Role of Cities in a Global Economy", San Juan, Puerto Rico.



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