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This year's World Economics Forum Global Agenda Council for Infrastructure and Urban Development, that includes MIT's Adèle Naudé Santos and Carlo Ratti, has developed a prototype of the user-friendly toolkit Urban Anthologies: Learning from our cities, which was launched at Davos. It is intended as a tool for mayors, urban leaders and private sector decision makers to provide information to create enabling environments for transformation at the city and community level.

This initial prototype showcases 6 success stories ahead of the complete collection, that will be submitted by both Council Members and other experts in the greater World Economic Forum Network, and compiled by June. This collection will continue to grow online in an open-source format whereby further success stories can be submitted electronically by members of the public. Council members will then curate these submissions and post them in an online version for all to see.

For further information see Urban Anthologies: Learning from our cities.

Old electronic equipment that was programmed by MIT researchers to report back information about their environment for a project at MoMA, New York, has found an unexpected second life. Watch and find out.
How do people interact with each other and their environment at a microscopic level? MIT's campus is being used to study pedestrian movement using kinect sensors. Preliminary results (above) present unprecedented detail in capturing trajectories and human morphology.
Welcome to Ferrovial Servicios who has recently joined the Senseable City Consortium. Following a successful meeting in January with Ferrovial Servicios and Madrid's city council, work will begin in early February looking at bottom-up infrastructure in Madrid.
The 'Signature of Humanity' was unveiled during Ericsson's CEO Hans Vestberg's keynote at CES. It depicts the accumulated flow of information during one week from 8 networks from across the world. Full video will be released soon.
Dennis Frenchman, Assaf Biderman and Carlo Ratti are to kick off the 2012 spring semester leading the Digital City Design Workshop at MIT. Cities to be focused on within this year's course include Madrid and Moscow.
A new project with Proméxico, Ciudad Creativa Digital (CCD) that will create a hub for the digital media industry within Mexico, was unveiled at the World Economic Forum. See President Calderón's official announcement of CCD, alongside coverage in El Universal, Nación, Informador, and Milenio.
  • 2-3rd February, Assaf Biderman to speak at The World Architects Masters 2012, Ischgl, Austria.
  • 10th February, Dennis Frenchman, Assaf Biderman and Carlo Ratti start teaching the Digital Design Workshop at MIT.
  • 16th February, Carlo Ratti to provide keynote address at the University of Birmingham, Alabama.
  • 21st February, Carlo Ratti attending a workshop on the future of cities at 10 Downing Street, London.
  • 27th February, Carlo Ratti to speak at Axìa: un modello per la sostenibilità, Milan.
  • 29th February, Carlo Ratti and Assaf Biderman to speak at the Design Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa.



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