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Project in the Spotlight

LIVE Singapore! closes the feedback loop between people moving in the city and the digital real-time data collected by multiple networks. It provides the data back to the people who themselves generate it using an urban real-time data platform, allowing them to be more in sync with their city and make informed decisions based on the actual state of their surrounding environment. To realize this, LIVE Singapore! is developing an open platform that resembles a toolbox for real-time data, from which a community of developers may build multiple applications in a joint effort that harnesses the creative potential of citizens in extracting new value from real-time data.

For further information see LIVE Singapore!

LIVE Singapore! and other projects will be part of the Future Urban Mobility Symposium on 11th January 2012, organized by SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) in Singapore.
The Lab is embarking on new projects in Saudi Arabia, as part of the new MIT CCES initiative (Center for Complex Engineering Systems).
Welcome to Ericsson who has recently joined the Senseable City Consortium. Work has already begun on a new project examining worldwide cell phone activity. For a glimpse check our presentation at the 2012 International CES, Las Vegas.
The Road Frustration Index examines the experience of the driver throughout cities across the US; we have begun preliminary driver trials with a preview of the work available here.
Article published in Energy and Buildings journal, entitled Enernet: studying the dynamic relationship between building occupancy and energy consumption, that explores unexpected ways to save energy, starting with the MIT campus.
Welcome again to AUDI Volkswagen, who has recently renewed their consortium membership with the Senseable City Lab after three years of successful work together. Work has already begun on the Road Frustration Index - see coverage by CNBC.
  • 9-11th January, Senseable’s Kristian Kloeckl, Oliver Senn, Rex Britter, Till Nagel and Pedro Cruz will present at the Future Urban Mobility Symposium in Singapore. Preview available here.
  • 11th January, Carlo Ratti in the spotlight as part of Ericsson's CEO Hans Vestberg's keynote at the International CES, Las Vegas.
  • 10-12th January, the Global Marketing Team and CEOs from the Volkswagen Group are coming to our Lab for a closed-door Edgy Circle Workshop.
  • 26th January, Carlo Ratti will present our project for Promexico at the World Economic Forum, Davos.
  • Senseable City Lab to hold Digital Design Workshop in the spring, in conjunction with Madrid and Moscow. More news to follow!
  • Dennis Frenchman, Assaf Biderman and Carlo Ratti to run a class at the Strelka Institute in Moscow during the spring 2012.
  • Carlo Ratti will keynote at Kshitii, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, that attracts over 50,000 students from all over India.







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