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How do people access different regions of France using the country's high speed railway system? Trains of Data investigates new ways of analyzing and visualizing mobility data that was captured by the plethora of sensors and digital systems integrated within the transportation network. Two applications have been developed that combine several data sets generated by these systems: Isochronic France and Trains in Time. This project was undertaken in collaboration with SNCF. For further information, click here.


The Senseable City Lab will be exhibiting work from the Digital City Design Workshop at Rio +20. Work featured will include propositions for Rio de Janeiro that examine coordination of mobility, zones of transition and connecting layers of digital information and the physical urban fabric.

A recently published paper in Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis) presents new data visualization techniques being developed as part of LIVE Singapore! For further information please see, Sankey Arcs- Visualizing edge weights in path graphs.

This year's World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council for Infrastructure and Urban Development, that includes MIT's Adèle Naudé Santos and Carlo Ratti is to launch the final version of the Urban Anthologies: Learning from our cities, in Tianjin. The user friendly toolkit will also be available here.

At the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, we tested a 3D camera platform for depth scanning an interactive city model. The data collected during the event will support research on how low-cost tangible interfaces could support collaborative urban design and improve citizen engagement in planning.

More findings from TrashTrack reported in Putting Matter in Place: Measuring Tradeoffs in Waste Disposal and Recycling, published in the Journal of the American Planning Association.

We hosted Rosa Maria, Senior Analyst from Ferrovial, at the lab to review projects proposed by students of the Senseable course held last spring. The work spanned a range of technologies to enhance urban services such as street cleaning, waste management, public lighting control, and street parking.


  • 3rd May, Carlo Ratti presented at the OECD International Transport Summit, Leipzig.
  • 8-9th May, Senseable to met with the Mayor of Santander and participate in Ferrovial's annual conference, Spain.
  • 10th May, Carlo joined the line up at World 50, New York.
  • 15th May, New Cities Foundation's Summit included keynote by Carlo Ratti, Paris.
  • 16th May, Senseable joined the Forumpa a gathering for public administration, Rome.
  • 18th May, Carlo Ratti provided keynote for the Future Everything, Manchester, UK.
  • 23rd May, Presented at the Northern World Mandate, Helsinki
  • 24th May, Presentation of the Senseable City Lab's work to the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.
  • 23-24th May, Assaf Biderman to presented at New Zealand Cities Summit.
  • 25th May, Carlo Ratti presented at the Smart City Festival alongside Mayor Piero Fassino and Francesco Profumo, Turin.

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