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As part of the LIVE Singapore! initiative, and in collaboration with Singapore's Land Transport Authority, the Senseable City Lab has developed three interactive applications that explore the data generated by Singapore's transportation infrastructure. Through these applications, experts and citizens alike can gain a better understanding of how Singaporeans move through the urban space. The interactive element permits new means of exploration that can also inspire new services and tools that support current and future urban mobility.

For further information visit Visual Explorations of Urban Mobility. The next project to be unveiled in Singapore at the end of the year is the Data Browser.


The preliminary trials for the Road Frustration Index that examines the experience of the driver throughout cities across the US have been completed- surprising finding are to be released shortly that reveal the relative frustration and stress caused by urban driving.

How is technology shaping our cities and our world? Check out the conversation between Sir Peter Cook and Carlo Ratti as part of the Royal College of Art lecture series on Future Frontiers. The same themes are also explored in Alex Haw and Carlo Ratti's piece in this months' Architectural Review Living Bits and Bricks.

The work of this year's Global Agenda Council on Infrastructure and Urban Development including the Urban Anthologies Project are summarized in Learning From Our Cities in Digital Development Debates. The final set of casestudies will be released in June 2012.

Senseable City Lab alongside GE, is partnering with Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment, Studio NAND to create real-time manifestations of the worldwide emotional response to the London Olympics.

ChangiNOW has received the $50K SMART Explorer Grant. The project, led by Afian Anwar, aims to build a real time control system to balance the supply and demand of taxis at Singapore's Changi Airport using tourist arrival and taxi data.

The "Connected Kitchen" was unveiled at the Hotpoint Innovation Area, Eurocucina - Salone Internazione del Mobile per Cucina. It explores how we can create smarter kitchens, homes and cities starting from our domestic appliances.
  • 3rd May, Carlo Ratti presenting at the OECD International Transport Summit, Leipzig.
  • 8-9th May, Senseable to meet with the Mayor of Santander and participate in Ferrovial's annual conference, Spain.
  • 10th May, Carlo joining the line up at World 50, New York.
  • 15th May, New Cities Foundation's Summit to include keynote by Carlo Ratti, Paris.
  • 16th May, Senseable joining the Forumpa a gathering for public administration, Rome.
  • 18th May, Carlo Ratti providing keynote for the Future Everything, Manchester, UK.
  • 23rd May, Presenting at the Northern World Mandate, Helsinki
  • 24th May, Presentation of the Senseable City Lab's work to the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki.
  • 23-24th May, Assaf Biderman to present at New Zealand Cities Summit.
  • 25th May, Carlo Ratti presenting at the Smart City Festival alongside Mayor Piero Fassino and Francesco Profumo, Turin.


  • 3rd April, Carlo Ratti spoke at Il Conagesp, Congresso Nacional de Gestao Publica, Brasilia.
  • 9th April, Assaf Biderman delivered a talk to Harvard Graduate School of Design.
  • 13th April, Carlo participated in panel discussion on Architecture and Urban Design, at La Citta Visible, Turin.
  • 16th April, Carlo Ratti gave a lecture in Prato, Tuscany.
  • 18th April, Meet the Media Guru in Milan, Italy.
  • 19th April, Carlo presented on the future of the kitchen at the Milan Triennale alongside Merloni-Indesit during Milan Design Week.
  • 20th April, Smart Cities conference organized by Mike Batty, at UCL, London.
  • 21st April, Assaf Biderman presented at 21 OP CITY symposium, Toronto.
  • 26th April, Carlo participated in the closing discussion of the Royal College of Art Future Frontiers lecture series, alongside Sir Peter Cook, London.

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