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On behalf of the Senseable City Lab with support from the Economist, we invite you to the Urban Code, an international forum of leading thinkers from policy, industry, and academia to discuss big urban data. Registration is available here.

Over the past decade digital technologies have begun to blanket our cities, forming the backbone of a large, intelligent infrastructure. As a direct consequence of the their operation, these systems, networks, and devices generate vast quantities of data that are increasingly becoming available in real time. This provides profound new opportunities for exploring the city: how it operates, how urban dwellers make use of the space, and how we can ultimately better design cities.

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- The Urban Code Team


MIT's campus is being used as a testbed for a new infrastructurelesss parking system developed by the Senseable City Lab. The study underway will test both the Parcupine mobile app and Parcupine SMS system to see how users respond to the notion of voluntary reporting of parking availability.

The New Scientist reports on the Lab's work in its latest exhibit, DataVis: Information as art. The exhibition will run until 26th January at the Beall Center for Art and Technology at the University of California, Irvine.
A special report in the Economist on Technology and Geography discusses the Senseable City Lab's research. Check out Open- air computers by Patrick Lane here.

How can we leverage data from large-scale telecommunication networks to better understand how individuals utilize the urban environment? New research from the Lab is providing new insights into the underlying structure of communities and society at large.

Trash Track and Forage Tracking are part of Ars Electronica show in Taiwan- Tea Collection Wisdom. Running until 23rd December the exhibit is at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Taichung.


Check out the recent inclusion of Health Infoscape within WIRED. And be sure to look out for the upcoming issue of WIRED UK which will be featuring the Lab's work in their Infoporn section.
  • 11-13th Carlo Ratti joining the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council for Infrastructure and Urban Development, Dubai, UAE.
  • 14th November, Senseable City Lab will present at the Smart City Expo World Congress on "Trends in the IoT and M2M", Barcelona, Spain.
  • 15-16th November, the Lab will be hosting its annual conference- the Urban Code at MIT, Cambridge, MA.
  • 20th November, Carlo Ratti presenting the Ciudad Creativa Digital masterplan in Mexico.
  • 21st November, the Lab will be presenting at Telefonica's Movil Forum, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 23rd November, Carlo Ratti presenting at MAXXI Rome, Italy.
  • 28th November, Carlo Ratti will be presenting at the PRCC Summit on "The Role of Cities in a Global Economy", San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Ongoing research in Singapore is covered by Big data, big deal in the Bangkok Post.
  • Coverage in Format of Kristian Kloeckl's keynote presentation at the Austrian Innovation Forum at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria.
  • Carlo Ratti's talk at the Smart City Exhibition in Bologna receives widespread coverage including La Repubblica.





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