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The data deluge. The amount of data collected since the dawn of humanity up until 2003 is equivalent to the amount we now produce every one or two days. These vast quantities of data, produced as a result of the proliferation of digital technologies, can shed new light on how cities function and on the interaction between people and the environments which they inhabit. In turn it can help to uncover some of the hidden complexities of cities.

Join leading thinkers from around the world for a series of talks and discussions on ‘big urban data’ at MIT on 15-16th November 2012.

Further information available here.


How to visualize Big Urban Data? This is the goal of the Data Browser project, under development by the Senseable City Lab, Singapore. Meanwhile, Lab member Till Nagel has created an initial library of interactive maps and geovisualizations.

Kinect Kinetics is a new approach for studying crowd behavior and demonstrates how cheap, accessible 3D sensors can provide accurate pedestrian tracking even in congested spaces. With this new kind of sensing, we can better understand how pedestrians navigate space, and optimize the sidewalks, and plazas of our cities for their safety and comfort.
Welcome to Expo 2015 who has recently joined the Senseable City Consortium. Under the theme of Feeding the Planet. Energy for life, the Senseable City Lab is excited to begin work on the Future Food District.

Tired of searching for the perfect parking spot, or for that matter any space at all? The Senseable City Lab is working on a solution: Parcupine, people-powered parking. The first of several pilot studies is about to get underway and we need your help testing our system. Click here for details on how to volunteer.

The results of the Senseable City Lab's Sense and the City: Dynamic Public Spaces Workshop held at the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin are now available. Named one of three highlights of the Belrin program, check out how participants experimented with changing urban spaces.


Forage Tracking has been selected as a finalist in the Katerva Awards Materials & Resources category. A project led by Dietmar Offenhuber and David Lee, it uses location-detecting hardware and software to investigate how informal recyclers in Brazilian cities find and collect material.
  • 2nd October, Carlo Ratti giving an internal presentation to World 50 CEOs, New York.
  • 5th October, the Lab will be joining the inauguration of the SKF Solution Factory, Turin, Italy.
  • 6th October, the Lab's Kael Greco will be joining the line up at the Internet Festival's panel Smart City: da sogno a realtà, Bientina, Italy.
  • 6th October, Anthony Vanky will be presenting at Harvard at the Igniting Innovation Summit, Cambridge, MA.
  • 6th October, Carlo Ratti will be providing a lecture at the Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion, Venice, Italy.
  • 8th October, join the Senseable City Lab at the 6th Urban Research & Knowledge Symposium organized by the World Bank, Rethinking Cities: Framing the Future, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 12th October, Carlo Ratti at the opening of the Istanbul Design Biennial, where the Open Source Architecture project is being presented, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 15th October, Assaf Biderman presenting at the EDF-Alliance Executive Workshop Columbia University, New York.
  • 15th October, Markus Schlapfer will be presenting at the Correlated and High-Dimensional Data Seminar.
  • 16th October, join Carlo Ratti as he gives the keynote at the CEOs for Cities conference, Boston, USA.
  • 17th October, the Lab is presenting ongoing research at Accenture's Global Energy Board, Koln, Germany.
  • 18th October, Carlo Ratti giving keynote address with President Felipe Calderón at Expo CIHAC, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 18th October, Assaf Biderman will be joining the launch of the Cape Town Transport Authority with Mayor Patricia de Lille, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • 19th October, the Lab giving the keynote presentation at the Tijuana Innovadora, Tijuana, Mexico.
  • 20th October, Carlo Ratti presenting at Meet the Media Guru, Toronto, Canada.
  • 22nd October, Assaf Biderman presenting at the Tel Aviv Cities Summit.
  • 23rd October, the Lab is presenting at the World Congress on IT 2012, Montreal, Canada.
  • 27th October, join the Lab at the UX conference, Lugano, Switzerland.
  • 28th October, the Lab will be providing the keynote presentation at the Festival Green Energy, Sassuolo, Italy.
  • 28th October, join Carlo Ratti at his presentation on the Senseable City at Festival della Scienza, Genoa, Italy.
  • 29th October, the Lab is presenting at the Smart City Exhibition, Bologna, Italy.
  • 30th October, Carlo Ratti joining a World Economic Forum meeting on the Rebuilding of Europe's Competitiveness with Italian PM Mario Monti.
  • Carlo Ratti on the promise of smart cities for Italy, in Che Futuro.
  • Senseable City Lab and its research featured in La Repubblica and on La7
  • Carlo Ratti's talk at Arq.Futuro receives widespread coverage including El Diario.
  • Is Detroit the new Berlin? Carlo joined a stellar line-up at Techonomy including tech pioneers Steve Case, Jack Dorsey and Reid Hoffman to discuss the future of Detroit.
  • Ben Rooey raises the issue that ‘Smart City’ Planning Needs the Right Balance in the Wall Street Journal.


  • 7th September, Stanislav Sobolevsky presented the Digital Footprints of Human Activity at the Wolfram Data Summit, Washington DC.
  • 8th September, the Lab presented at the Thailand Creative & Design Center on Design is Innovation, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 7- 9th September, Carlo Ratti presented on Smart Mobility to Italian PM Mario Monti at the Ambrosetti Forum, Como Villa d'Este, Italy.
  • 12th September, the Lab joined the discussion on Technology's Role in Competitiveness, Jobs and the Urban Future at Techonomy, Detroit.
  • 21st September, Assaf Biderman presented at DLD Cities, London.
  • 24- 25th September, the Lab participated in Arq.Futuro, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
  • 26th September, Carlo Ratti gave the keynote address at Social Media Week, Turin, Italy.
  • 27th September, Carlo Ratti provided keynote at Ericsson's convention in Paris.
  • 28th September, the Lab gave the keynote presentation at NASSCOM Engineering Conference, Pune, India.
  • 29th September, the Lab joined the New York Times Beijing Design Forum, Beijing.
  • 30th September, the Lab joined the World Leisure Congress, Rimini.



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