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How do people interact with each other and their environment at a microscopic level? How do surroundings impact the way we use a space? And furthermore how can new technologies help us to reveal these movements? A recent project undertaken by the Senseable City Lab looks to address these questions amongst others- and through the employment of Microsoft Kinect sensors studies the flows of individuals through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (in)famous Infinite Corridor. While scientific papers are under review, results capture in an unprecedented manner how we move and interact with each other.

The LIVE Singapore! team recently launched its next project, called the Data Browser. It aims to allow people to "put their hands" into Big Data. As an idea of Big Data, just think of the amount of data produced from the dawn of civilization up until 2003- approximately five exabytes- this is the same quantity we produced over the past two days.
How are technologies helping influence policy decisions? How are they promoting bottom-up governance? Check out Dietmar Offenhuber and Katja Schechtner's symposium on Accountability Technologies, at leading festival Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.
Join us to welcome Birthe Bertelsen, Special Advisor to the City of Copenhagen who will be with the Senseable City Lab in Boston for three months to work on an exciting new project- based on real time data collection and environmental air quality monitoring in the Danish capital.

Longing to bump into someone you know? See the latest paper published by Riccardo Campari in Physical Review E (on random collisions on branched networks). or Christian Sommer and Carlo Ratti's "Approximating shortest paths in spatial social networks", to be presented at SocialCom 2012.

If on the road, do not miss the latest exhibits on the Lab's work, including Sensing Place: Mediatizing the Urban Landscape, organized by House of Electronic Arts Basel and Data Viz at the Beall Center for Art and Technology at the University of California, Irvine.
The Senseable City Guides, developed with MIT and Harvard students, focus this year on Madrid, Moscow and Rio de janeiro. Check them out online later this month. The series also just won a Bronze Award at the ED-Awards 2012.
  • 7th September, Stanislav Sobolevsky presenting the Digital Footprints of Human Activity at the Wolfram Data Summit, Washington DC.
  • 8th September, the Lab is presenting at the Thailand Creative & Design Center on Design is Innovation, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 7- 9th September, Carlo Ratti presenting on Smart Mobility to Italian PM Mario Monti at the Ambrosetti Forum, Como Villa d'Este, Italy.
  • 12th September, the Lab joins the discussion on Technology's Role in Competitiveness, Jobs and the Urban Future at Techonomy, Detroit.
  • 21st September, Assaf Biderman presenting at DLD Cities, London.
  • 24- 25th September, the Lab will be participating in Arq.Futuro conference on architecture, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
  • 26th September, Carlo Ratti giving the keynote address at Social Media Week, Turin, Italy.
  • 27th September, Carlo Ratti providing keynote at Ericsson's convention in Paris.
  • 28th September, the Lab giving the keynote presentation at NASSCOM Engineering Conference, Pune, India.
  • 29th September, the Lab will be joining the New York Times Beijing Design Forum, Beijing.
  • 30th September, the Lab will be presenting at the World Leisure Congress, Rimini.
  • 2nd October, Carlo Ratti delivering a presentation at World 50, New York.


  • 30th July, Carlo Ratti delivered a talk at GE's customer center on the Future Olympics, with the Monocle and GE, London.
  • 26th August, Carlo Ratti discussed Future Developments of the City, alongside Professor Dennis Frenchman, Medellin, Colombia.
  • 27- 30th August, Workshop for Ciudad Creativa Digital to discuss the next phase of the project, Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • 2nd September, in the footsteps of Al Gore, Carlo Ratti delivered opening address at the Digital Earth's Summit, Wellington, New Zealand.



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