As you ride, the sensing unit in the Copenhagen Wheel is capturing information about your personal riding habits how much effort you are putting in, calories you are burning etc as well as information about your surroundings, including carbon monoxide, NOx, noise, ambient temperature and relative humidity. You can access this data through your phone, or on the web and use it to plan healthier bike routes, to achieve your exercise goals, or to meet up with friends on the go. You own all the data that your Copenhagen Wheel collects. However, you might also like to share it with friends -through online social networks gaining access to an even larger pool of information.


You can also make a bigger contribution through your daily commute. And share your data, anonymously, with your city. When many cyclists donate the information their wheel is collecting, your city gains access to a new scale of fine-grained environmental information. Through this, your city can: Cross analyze different types of environmental data on a scale that has never before been achieved before. Build a more detailed understanding of the impact of transportation, on a city infrastructure Or study dynamic phenomena like urban heat islands. Ultimately, this type of crowd sourcing can influence how your city allocates its resources, how it responds to environmental conditions in real-time or how it structures and implements environmental and transportation policies.

: DATA in this application was collected on Dec 2nd, 2009