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making decisions in sync with the environment

LIVE Singapore! provides people with access to a range of useful real-time information about their city by developing an open platform for the collection, elaboration and distribution of real-time data that reflect urban activity. Giving people visual and tangible access to real-time information about their city enables them to take their decisions more in sync with their environment, with what is actually happening around them.

a feedback loop between people, their actions, and the city

People moving within a city in most cases base their decisions on information that is static and that does not reflect the actual state of systems and dynamics in their city (think of printed transportation time tables, static opening hours, driving to stores to find a product out of stock,…). Companies and local authorities instead increasingly do manage their networks in real-time, always being aware of the current state of the system. The so generated data however is kept segregated, and while useful for each individual network's operation, it potentially contains much more value when put to creative use in new application scenarios that combine data from different sources, making it accessible to users.

LIVE Singapore! closes the feedback loop between people moving in the city and the digital real-time data collected in multiple networks. It gives the data back to the people who themselves generate it through their actions, allowing them to be more in sync with their environment as well as to taking decisions on the basis of information that reflect the actual state of their city.

To achieve this, LIVE Singapore! consists in the development of an open platform for the collection, the combination and fusion as well as the distribution of real-time data that originate from a large number of different sources.

This platform is not aimed at one single application, instead it rather resembles an ecosystem and a toolbox for real-time data that describe urban dynamics. Building on this platform, a community of developers can build multiple applications in a joint effort which harnesses the creative potential of citizens in extracting new value from real-time data.