Carlo Ratti - Director
Assaf Biderman - Associate Director
Luigi Farrauto - Team Leader
Carnaven Chiu - Interactive Designer
Adam Pruden
David Anderson
Malima Wolf
Diego Maniloff
Sey Min
Rex Britter
Lindsey Hoshaw
Jennifer Dunnam
David Lee
Dietmar Offenhuber
Jan Kokol
Phil Salesses
Matthew Kai Johnson Roberson
Walter Nicolino
Giovanni de Niederhausern
Samuel Colle Dominguez Maldonado
Andrea Cassi
Alberto Bottero
Filipa Carvalho
Eric Baczuk
Brendan Englot
Rob Hummel
Brooks Reed

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Architecture Biennale : The Italian Pavilion

Seaswarm is being previewed at the Venice Biennale where you can see the prototype on display starting August 29, 2010. The theme for this year’s architecture exhibit is nanotechnology in the year 2050. The Senseable team interpreted this theme broadly and in reaction to the current situation in the gulf wanted to envision how nanotechnology may become a pervasive tool in future disaster response systems.

As part of the exhibit, the team has constructed an interactive installation where viewers can clean a virtual ocean after an oil spill by moving their hands over the surface of the water. This rapid clean up method is intended to simulate the simplicity and ease with which Seaswarm will be able to clean large oil spills.

The 12th Annual International Architecture Exhibition will run from August 29, 2010-November 21, 2010. visit here

Senseable City researcher Carnaven Chiu uses an interactive display to show how quickly and easily Seaswarm could clean up an oil spill.