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Welcome to the Senseable City Lab - a cutting-edge multidisciplinary research group that studies the interface between cities, people, and technologies and investigates how the ubiquity of digital devices and the various telecommunication networks that augment our cities, are impacting urban living. With an overall goal of anticipating future trends, we bring together researchers from over a dozen academic disciplines to work on groundbreaking ideas and innovative real-world demonstrations.
Each academic year, the Senseable City Lab invites students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to participate in the Digital City Design Workshop. The workshop seeks to provide pragmatic, technological solutions that address a crucial concern of urban living. The Senseable City Guide series showcases this research which is undertaken in partnership with cities from across the world.
City Guides
Teaching Team
Carlo Ratti (Professor of the Practice)
Ricardo Alvarez
Eric Baczuk
Tom Benson
Assaf Biderman
Louis Charron
Matthew Claudel
Fábio Duarte
Dennis Frenchman
Newsha Ghaeli
Lenna Johnsen
Kristian Kloeckl
David Lee
Martina Mazzarello
Simone Mora
Dietmar Offenhuber
Dasha Paramonova
Zhengzhen Tan
Anthony Vanky
Siqi Zhang
Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions
Alcaldía de Medellín
Chamber of Commerce, Thessaloniki
City of Amsterdam
City of Cape Town
City of Copenhagen
City of Dallas
City of Laval
City of Pune
City of Quito
City of Wood Buffalo
CR Land
Ferrovial Servicios
General Electric
King Mohammed VI Ville Verte
OCP Foundation
Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba
Ruta N
Société nationale des chemins de fer français
State of Rio de Janeiro
Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
TIS Innovation Park
Université Mohammed VI Polythechnique
Victoria State Government
World Bank
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