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  • team
  • Carlo Ratti Director
  • Assaf Biderman Assoc. Director
  • Dietmar Offenhuber Team Leader
  • Eugenio Morello Team Leader, Concept
  • Musstanser Tinauli Team Leader, First Phase
  • Kristian Kloeckl Team Leader, Second Phase
  • Lewis Girod Engineering
  • Jennifer Dunnam
  • E Roon Kang
  • Kevin Nattinger
  • Avid Boustani
  • David Lee Programming
  • Alan Anderson
  • Clio Andris
  • Carnaven Chiu
  • Chris Chung
  • Lorenzo Davolli
  • Kathryn Dineen
  • Natalia Duque Ciceri
  • Samantha Earl
  • Sarabjit Kaur
  • Sarah Neilson
  • Giovanni de Niederhausern
  • Jill Passano
  • Elizabeth Ramaccia
  • Renato Rinaldi
  • Francisca Rojas
  • Louis Sirota
  • Malima Wolf
  • Eugene Lee
  • Angela Wang
  • Armin Linke Video
  • Advisors
  • Rex Britter
  • Stephen Miles
  • Tim Gutowski
  • Lead Volunteers
  • Tim Pritchard
  • Jodee Fenton
  • Lance Albertson
  • Chad Johansen
  • Christie Rodgers
  • Shannon Cheng
  • Jon Dreher
  • Andy Smith
  • Richard Auger
  • Michael Cafferty
  • Shalini Ghandi
  • Special Thanks
  • Jodee Fenton
  • Tim Pritchard


A list of publications on Trash Track and its results:

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Keywords: Trash Track, GSM, pervasive monitoring, waste removal chain, and environmental sustainability

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Urban Digestive Systems. Towards the Sentient City.
Sentient City: Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture, and the Future of Urban Space, 90-109. MIT Press
Keywords: Trash Track, waste removal chain, talk back, and citizen engagement

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Keywords: Waste management, environmental impact, pervasive sensing, recycling, and transportation emissions

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IEEE Pervasive Computing, 1-10. Volume pending.
Keywords: Trash Track, self reporting tag, removal chain, behavior, and waste

Offenhuber, Dietmar, Malima I. Wolf, and Carlo Ratti. (forthcoming).
Trash Track - Active Location Sensing for Evaluating E-waste Transportation.
Waste Management & Research.
Keywords: e-waste, environmental impact, transportation