Traffic Origins
We all know that road accidents sometimes result in congestion, but how exactly does this happen?
By combining road-speed and traffic-flow data derived from LTA’s network of detectors with information regarding the location and time of traffic incidents, one can explore the dynamics of this phenomenon.
This visualization can furthermore be combined with simulation models to better understanding and predict how such disruptions may affect network performance, and how cities can better respond to traffic incidents and design a more robust road network.
Incident Locations and Traffic Speed
While the color of the road segments indicate the speed at which traffic is moving, circles on the map are located where road incidents are reported. Traffic speed colors are enhanced in the circled areas to more clearly notate the traffic behavior in proximity of road incidents.
Nature of Incidents
Three different types of road incidents are shown in this visualization: pink circles indicate accidents, blue circles show reports of heavy traffic, and orange circles signal vehicle breakdowns.
Enhanced Timeline
Overlaid on top of the visualization timeline, colored bars indicate the number and nature of incidents that happen at any given time throughout the entire city.
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